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Ahhh…. Community centre classes.  One of the things we definitely missed while away!  I really can’t say enough good things about them…  Here in Vancouver, there are tons of different classes offered at the community centres around the city – all of which are very affordable and save swimming lessons, quite easy to get into too.  Not to mention that because families tend to attend classes at the centre closest to them, they’re also in walking distance from home {win!}

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Before leaving for our second stint in Kuwait, Grae and I attended several sessions of parent & tot ballet and she absolutely loved it {not to mention the fact that it was pretty much the cutest thing ever – photographic evidence here}.  Sadly, when we got to Kuwait, we didn’t have much luck finding a class that compared to the ones we took in Canada and fit with our schedule, so my little ballerina’s been anxiously awaiting the day that she’d once again get to take ballet classes.

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Well, today that day finally came and as you can probably tell, she was a wee bit excited!

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IMG 4356A few stretches and warm ups before class begins…

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Of course now that she’s older, the classes are no longer parent involvement classes…  This time around it’s just her, the teacher, and a bunch of little ballet-loving friends. ☺

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And it’s still pretty much the cutest thing ever.


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2 thoughts on “Back to Ballet

  1. She looks lovely! Sorry I wrote on the other ballet post! My ipad does odd things!
    I cant begin to tell you how your amazing play dough ideas have been such a hit here in the school I work in ( Perth Western Australia). The nature playdough little tubs are so lovely! The girls are loving them in Pre Primary! We have taken photos and then asked them to write about their creations! So different! So inspired! I have a birthday set ready to go! Cant wait to see how they love them too! I am now on the hunt for the princess cutters!

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