Homemade Real Fruit Yogurt Tubes

Homemade Real Fruit Yogurt Tubes | Mama Papa Bubba

As I was brainstorming some fun lunchbox ideas last week, one of the staple kids’ lunchbox snacks that came to mind was yogurt tubes.  Kids love them…  They’re fun, usually covered in branded characters, and sometimes even turn your tongue blue.  Plus, they can be frozen ahead of time and not only stay cool until lunch or snack time, but also serve as an icepack in your lunchbox. ☺  

That being said, being the crunchy no-refined-sugar-no-added-colouring-or-preservatives mama that I am, I’ve never seen a yogurt tube made with ingredients I’d be happy to feed Miss G.  That, and the plastic packaging seems so unnecessary when you can buy big tubs of yogurt and pack it in mini mason jars instead.  So, I set off to find a better alternative…

IMG 3346

And here’s what I came up with…  Plain organic yogurt flavoured with real fruit and sweetened with just a tiny bit of honey {though I could have easily left out the honey since we’re used to eating plain yogurt}  – packaged in Zipzicles!

IMG 3350

Now I know what you’re thinking…  Zipzicles are made out of plastic.  And they definitely are.  But – I don’t feel too
horribly using them as they’re both  BPA-free and reusable!  We actually bought a small package of Zipzicles back in June and we’ve simply been washing them out and refilling them ever since.  I’m not certain, but I’m pretty sure we’ve gotten at least 6 rounds of popsicles out of them and they still work just as well as they did when we first got them.

The other option I was hoping would work was our silicon freezie moulds, but the seal on them just isn’t strong enough for me to feel comfortable tossing one into Miss G’s backpack for snack time.  That being said, I do think they’re a perfect alternative for at home.

IMG 3351

Either way, all we did was throw our yogurt, fruit, and honey into our food processor and blend it up until smooth.

IMG 3354

Then, using a glass measuring cup and funnel, I filled the Zipzicles to the fill line and sealed them off.

IMG 3355

The filled yogurt tubes got a quick rinse and then were popped into the freezer.

IMG 3370

Much to our surprise, they came out more vibrantly coloured and Miss G was pleased as punch to take one to Kindergarten for snack time today.  Here’s how to make your own at home…

Homemade Real Fruit Yogurt Tubes

  • 1 cup of plain yogurt
  • 1 cup of your favourite fruit (fresh or frozen will work)
  • 1 tablespoon of honey (or more or less to taste)

Place everything into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.  Using a funnel, pour the flavoured yogurt into Zipzicle tubes.  Store the yogurt tubes in the freezer and pop into your little one’s lunchbox in the morning before school.




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