Gracen Draws a Family Portrait {and it’s the best EVER!}

Miss G has been all about drawing lately and here she is creating her latest masterpiece…

That little smile at the end pretty much says it all, doesn’t it??  She’s over the moon.

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17 thoughts on “Gracen Draws a Family Portrait {and it’s the best EVER!}

  1. Jen, I have tears in my eyes! I’m beyond thrilled to hear this wonderful news. Congrats to you, Brad, Gracen and your families!!!

  2. Wow loved the ending with the baby! Such a delightful way to share such exciting news! I am with all the other people who commented! Lovely family for this little one to come into! Great Mum and Dad and especially a great sister!!

  3. Such amazing news!! Congrats to your lovely family! I already can’t wait to see all the amazing ways you love on this new babe!!

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