Progress & Seeing the Positives

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This journey will undoubtedly be a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, but so far, we’ve had lots of good news regarding our baby boy and I’m choosing to see the positives for what they are and not always be focused on bracing myself for the next hurdle…

His first head ultrasound showed no bleeding from the brain, his evening chilling under the blue lights brought his bilirubin down to where it should be, he’s gaining weight each day, he’s finally pooping (the things you’re excited about as a mama), and he hasn’t needed any oxygen since birth. Next up we focus on a little heart valve that remains open while we want it closed, and fingers crossed, it will be able to be closed medically.


Keep on fighting, little man. ♥


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3 thoughts on “Progress & Seeing the Positives

  1. Warm Welcome! God bless you and your family. You were born to be a brave man from the beginning!
    Jen, I have a similar experience with my boy. Now he’s a big 4 years old boy
    He was born premature and he was incubated for a long period. We soffred a lot, we prayed a lot, we loved him as much we could and we love Matteo more and more.

    All bless for your family!

  2. Thank you for sharing your family story at this special time! I read it and thinking you are so, so brave women and that is what litttle man need most – your love and positive thinking.

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. He is so strong already because he has such a strong, brave mama… Keeping baby boy and your family in my prayers. God Bless you!

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