Our Cloth Diapering System & Trying Out a Diaper Service

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After bringing our sweet bub home from the NICU, I gave myself one month’s grace period before getting going on cloth diapering.  One month to get settled, soak in my baby, and get into a routine as a mama of two before having cloth diapers on my already full plate. Well, he’s been home for a month and a half now and I’m happy to report that we’ve been using cloth for several weeks already!  

I’m not going to lie…  I do find that cloth diapering does take a little more thought and organization than using disposables does {understandably so}, but it’s truly not all that much work and the benefits that come with cloth definitely make it worth the while for us.  …Especially when you’re cheating and using a cloth diaper service like we currently are!!  {Hello, wet poopy diapers on the porch magically being replaced with lovely fresh ones. ☺  Fellow Lower Mainlanders, you’ll definitely want to check out Happy Baby Cheeks.}

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Here’s a peek at our current cloth diapering set up…  I found this 4-tier storage tower at Ikea a while back and knew it would be perfect for organizing our cloth diapering supplies.

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Up at the very top we keep our creams, oils, and balms, and just below that we store our extra cloth wipes, boosters, and diaper covers.

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Then, in the bottom two baskets we keep our fitted cloth diapers.

With Happy Baby Cheeks, the cloth diaper service we’re currently trying out {and loving!}, a fresh load of clean diapers is dropped off once a week {at the same time our dirty ones are collected} and I simply bring them up to Sam’s nursery and spend a few minutes organizing them and putting them away so we’re all ready for the upcoming days.

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One of the things I particularly like about the service is that they have an option to add cloth wipes to your weekly deliveries.  It’s a really inexpensive feature and when you have sensitive skinned bubbas like we do, avoiding conventional store-bought wipes is an absolute must.

To make things easy, I keep a little bin full of easy-to-grab cloth wipes up on top of the dresser right next to the changing pad, plus a squirt bottle of room temperature water since our one and only bathroom is downstairs on the main floor.  {Works like a charm and saves me from having to run up and down ridiculously steep old house stairs with a baby in my arms more than I already have to.}

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As far as the diapers themselves go, we’re loving them so far.  While we’re not new to cloth diapering {we purchased a set of hybrid diapers and washed our own when Miss G was wee}, I hadn’t tried fitted cloth diapers before.  Luckily, they couldn’t be easier to use.  All you do is snap the soft micro fibre fleece diaper onto your bubba’s little tush, then pop a waterproof covering on top.  {The Mother Ease covers that Happy Baby Cheeks uses are awesome!}  Easy peasey, and let me tell you – these babies are super absorbent!

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The best part?  When we’re done with a change, the dirty diaper and wipes go straight into our designated bin and I don’t ever have to wash them!  {Seriously.  How awesome is that?!}


If you’re interested in trying out a cloth diaper service for yourself, visit the Happy Baby Cheeks website, email them at info@happybabycheeks.ca, or call them at 604-539-8322.  


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One thought on “Our Cloth Diapering System & Trying Out a Diaper Service

  1. You always make things look so neat! And I’m feeling rather guilty right now as my Mum offered me a service as a gift and in the end I turned it down. She made me a heap of terry toweling squares which ended up being so bulky on my little one – like a sumo wrestler – that I ended up buying disposables and muttered that I’d take on cloth ones when she got slightly bigger. mum agreed they seemed rather bulky. They wouldn’t even fit under most of her clothes. They are now used as all kinds of things, including dolls clothes, blankies for dolls, a cubby roof for dolls, floor wipes, spillages, you name it! Mum then made some close fitting (shaped) ones so I started using those but there wasn’t enough so I used them when I could and disposables when out and about. I’ve got to say, I made that choice because of the leakage factor. I didn’t mind being at home when that happened but there were countless times, I ended up with stains on my clothes when I tried the cloth when out and about … When she pooped, she really pooped! But having said all that, these ones I can see in the pics look great (and compact!). Yep, that’s the one thing I did do was cloth wipes, and still do. Wet Ones when out and about … After trying wet cloths but way too messy in the end. Yep, feeling guilty that maybe I could’ve found a way but I tried as I am a big believer in heping the planet. Suffice to say, i did my darnedest to get her out of nappies asap. Well done to you!!!

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