Our Easter {2016}

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I’ve always loved making holidays special for Miss G, but my goodness…  Now that we have two??  It’s most definitely double the fun. {At least!} This was our sweet little Sam’s very first Easter, and though it was a super low-key, rainy day with just the four of us, it was perfect.

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First things first, we had a little scavenger hunt for Miss G’s Easter basket…  Just as he did last year, Brad wrote up some clues that led her all around the house before finally leading her to her basket’s hiding spot.

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And while I thought that some of the clues were pretty tricky, not only did this girl rock the hunt, but she was also able to read a good portion of the clues herself!
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We didn’t send Mr. Sam on a wild goose hunt for his basket this year, but next year it’s on. ☺
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After carefully taking apart her basket and investigating each and every item, Grae did the same for Sam, holding each item up for him to see.  Clearly he enjoyed the show.
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Then it was time to chomp on some dark chocolate {or in Sam’s case, his romper – hah!}
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As I prepared brunch, Miss G enjoyed some of the activities she got in her basket, and begun the hunt for eggs.
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Funnily enough, we were certain that Miss G knew that we were the ones to both put together her basket and hide the eggs, but when I asked her to try on her summer dress to see if I needed to exchange it for a different size and she replied with, ‘I’m sure the Easter Bunny knows my size, Mama’, we quickly realized how wrong we were!  Then began talk of the Easter Bunny possibly hiding some eggs around the house, so Brad had to do some master distracting while I scurried around the house hiding eggs I thought Brad would {very openly} hide out in the yard later on.  {Talk about a parenting fail!}
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Luckily we pulled it off and all turned out alright.  We’ll certainly know better for next year, that’s for sure.
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After brunch, Miss G and I made our way through a pile of Easter books before I worked on cleaning the kitchen and picking up the Easter grass that had been strewn all about the living room, while the boys napped and Miss G enjoyed some downtime {aka reading Easter books and eating all the Easter treats}.

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For lunch, I’ve done something I’ve never done for Miss G before….  I made pasta and cheese out of a box – eek!  Seriously though… Bunny bum pasta!?  How can one resist such cuteness just on this one day a year?  Of course Miss G loved it, and I can already see her begging me to buy another box the next time she spots it on the shelf while grocery shopping.

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Later on in the afternoon, each of the bubba’s got some one-on-one time with me…  Grae and I did some egg decorating using some colourful cheater eggs from Target and Sharpies, and little Sam and I read each of his new books twice – his clear favourite being Usborne’s ‘That’s not my bunny…’

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Just before dinner, it was time for our mandatory Easter photo – bubbas in ears. ☺  I’m pretty sure I’ve done this every year since Miss G was wee, and I’m certainly not stopping anytime soon.

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Seriously though.  Does it get any cuter??

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{She’s just so proud to be his big sister.}

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While I made dinner, Grae worked on a thank you card for the Easter Bunny.  Totally her idea and so sweet!  She’s leaving it out by the front door tonight in hopes of him coming and picking it up while she’s asleep.

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After a day filled with waaay too many sweet treats, dinner was quick and veggie-filled – soup.  Though it was disguised as our usual loved-by-everyone cheesy broccoli soup, this version included tons of onion, celery, zucchini, cauliflower, potato, and chickpeas too, so I could rest easy knowing that despite the fact that Miss G had eaten 3 dark chocolate bunnies earlier in the day, she got some serious nutrition in her body before the day was through.  {The fact that it was fully puréed and included floating bunnies?  Well that meant that she ate two whole bowls – win!}

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Miss G’s day finished off the way almost all of her Easters have…  With a bath filled with bubbles, eggs, a strainer spoon, and a mixing bowl – guaranteed fun in our house.

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And for our sweet Sam?  The day ended as many of his days do…  Snuggled in my arms while an episode of Gilmore Girls plays in the background.

It was a good day.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Please could you share the soup recipe? Sounds delicious and healthy at the same time :).

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