Gracen Gets Glasses!

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After being flagged during the vision screening routinely done in Kindergarten classes, Miss G and I recently visited an optometrist for a more in-depth eye exam.  Though our optometrist did suspect that Grae was farsighted in at least one eye, he had us com back for a second appointment several weeks later, just to be sure.  She was desperately hoping that she’d need glasses {sort of crazy, but I remember feeling the exact same way when I was little}, and better yet – she was hoping that she’d need both glasses AND a patch.  A fancy patch with a sparkly unicorn on it or one with an eye with long eyelashes on it, to be exact.

Well, half of her wish came true.  Upon our second visit, our eye doctor determined that Miss G is slightly farsighted in both eyes, meaning that she would get to get glasses {though no patch – much to her dismay}.

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By recommendation of a friend, we visited an awesome local optician’s office and had the absolute sweetest girl help us pick out Miss G’s new pair of glasses.  She was so great with Miss G and had a whole system for selecting frames that would really work for her {and grow with her} and made the whole process much less intimidating for a mama who knows nothing whatsoever when it comes to wearing glasses.

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Well today after visiting the tulip festival, we finally got to pick them up!  Miss G was absolutely thrilled of course, and walked out of the store just buzzing and bouncing with excitement.  Though picking a pair of glasses that you’ll wear most every day all day long isn’t easy, I love the ones we chose.  They’re fun and colourful, but also neutral enough to go with most anything, and I really like that they’re a bit funky – perfectly suited to our spunky and spirited little lady.


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8 thoughts on “Gracen Gets Glasses!

  1. They are gorgeous!!! Funnily enough I just came home from the optometrist this afternoon after not going for 6 years. I noticed I was having to take my glasses OFF to be able to read things. I thought that might pose as a problem. Surprisingly I was told that I don’t need any adjustments but just don’t wear my glasses while reading if my eyes aren’t straining. I’ve been wearing them since I was about 16 and now almost 50 so I’m feeling pretty thrilled, especially when I don’t have to wear them all the time and I’m the one people come to ask what something says on the side of labels in the supermarket etc. That saved me a whole lot of money!!!

    1. Something similar happened to me. I used to wear big thick lenses in my glasses. Apparently I was long sighted, but needed them all the time, not just for close work. But around the time I turned 17 I realised I didn’t need them anymore. Crazy. But, like you say, it’s saved a lot of money!

  2. Oh boy, while I admire her enthusiasm for optometry, I can tell you from experience patching is no fun at all. I’m glad you had such a good experience at the optometrist. E is amazing about his glasses, he’s never broken a pair or lost them – it boggles my mind really, considering he started wearing them at 3 years old. They get so used to them, it’s no big deal. I am ever thankful the lenses are so light these days.

    1. Right?? The last thing I think I’d want is a patch over my good eye! Did E go through that process? It’s SO awesome that he’s never lost or broken a pair – what a responsible little fellow he is!

  3. I used to have a patch, which I didn’t share G’s enthusiasm for, although it was in the days before people jazzed them up, so maybe that’s why I don’t remember being excited to wear it!
    Great choice of glasses. They suit her perfectly.

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