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Plastic Cup Greenhouses | Mama Papa Bubba

One of the things I absolutely love doing with kids come springtime is growing plants from seed.  That being said, I’m most likely the worst gardener on the planet.  Like really, really bad.  Cactuses, succulents, and other kill-proof plants?  Give them to me for a week or two and I can almost guarantee that they’ll be dead.  It’s terrible.

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That being said, over the years I’ve had fantastic luck growing plants with my students when we’ve used miniature plastic cup greenhouses.  I love these because they’re super simple for kids to make, but also because they almost always guarantee growing success {win!}  and they help the seeds grow super quickly {double win!}  So in hopes of maybe having a little front porch potted garden filled with greens, veggies, and herbs this summer, Miss G and I planted our very first seeds of the season this week…

IMG 5556

And ta-daaaaaa!  We had plants in just a couple of days!


They’re growing like mad at the moment, so now I just have to figure out how transplant them and transfer them outdoors without mucking things up.  Wish us luck!


For all of the details of this project, as well as my tips and tricks, pop over to CBC Parents to read our Plastic Cup Mini Greenhouses post.


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  1. I’m absolutely hopeless at growing things as well. Last year I had a garden table built so that I wouldn’t have to get down on my knees. We were too late getting the veggies planted and harvested very little. I think I’ll use this idea to get our seeds started early. Thank you for sharing!

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