Big Sister Little Mister Style: Coordinating Clothes for Babies and Big Kids

Big Sister Little Mister Style | Mama.Papa.Bubba.Ever since our sweet Sam came home from the NICU, Miss G has been absolutely obsessed with coordinating her outfits with those of her baby brother.  I’m 100% on board with the cuteness that is a little big sister / little mister matchy matchy-ness, but what I learned early on is that it’s not that easy to find coordinating baby / big sibling pieces when you’re shopping at the usual well known children’s stores.

That being said, what I have found is several awesome smaller shops {most of which make their pieces right here in Canada and the US} that make AMAZING gender neutral clothes in a huge range of sizes – right from baby baby for Sam to big girl for my sweet Miss G.

Here are a few of our current favourites…

IMG 7486

IMG 7441

1. wuchild.

Based right here in Vancouver, wuchild. makes gorgeous tees and head wraps for babies, kids, and mamas.  I absolutely adore their feminist baseball tees and if you’re local, their #parklife tees and sweatshirts are a must-have.  {My little crew recently wore their East Van Parklife tees to Trout Lake farmer’s market and playground and I couldn’t believe how many people came up to them and complimented / asked about their shirts!}

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 2.  Bohème Design

Based out of Ontario, Bohème Design creates tees and onesies for babies and kids using original artwork and eco-friendly water-based inks.  I love so many of their designs that it’s hard to pick a favourite, but their Surf’s Up tees are perfect for little beach lovers {us!} and I just adore the hand painted watercolour feel of their Indio Swiss Cross shirts.

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3.  Whistle & Flute

One of my longtime favourites!  Also local, Whistle & Flute makes a little bit of everything – tanks, tees, shorts, leggings, rompers, and hats for babes, kiddos, and adults.  Without a doubt, my very favourite W&F piece is the Kawaii Sushi Tee, but I also absolutely adore their new Kawaii Cloud Romper,  their new summer collection filled with ice cream, popsicles, and bubble tea is pretty awesome too.

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4.  reMzo Apparel

 Also based in Vancouver {go, YVR!!},  reMzo Apparel makes gorgeous, modern tees for babies, kiddos, and adults too.  I just adore their NAP tees {because let’s be honest – which baby/mama duo doesn’t need a nap?!} and their FRENCHIE, ALL YOU NEED, and SUNSHINE tees are pretty amazing too.

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And though they’re not by a small or local company, how awesome are these coordinating Dr. Martens I picked up on Union Jack Boots for the kiddos to wear this fall?!  Now full disclosure, I think Brad was a little shocked by the colours we chose, but Miss G absolutely had her heart set on this hot pink patent Delany pair, so we decided that we’d go wild for Sam too and ordered him this colourful multi psyc graphic canvas Laney pair.  I personally think that our Sam Jam is so cute that he can pull off anything, but there are literally tons of other options, so choosing something a little more neutral would be easy! ☺

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Alright, those are a few of our favourites at the moment!  If your baby and older child love coordinating, or if you love coordinating with your kiddos, do check them out, and we’ll be sure to share more of our favourites soon.

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8 thoughts on “Big Sister Little Mister Style: Coordinating Clothes for Babies and Big Kids

  1. VERY cute! Miss G is looking soooo grown up these days as is my little girl. They’re growing waaaay too quickly!!! And he really DOESN’T stop smiling does he and neither does Miss G!!!

    1. I know… I feel like she’s a real GIRL now and no longer a *little* girl. :( I’m so proud of who she’s becoming, but it sort of hurts my heart that it has to happen so quickly.

  2. Love the matching. I did that when my kids were little and loved it. They are sure happy together. Thanks for posting such cute pictures.

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