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When I first got word of Kidtropolis opening up out in Richmond, I knew we had to go.  From what I saw, it reminded me a lot of one of our Kuwait favourites – Kidzania {an amazing kid-sized city where visitors get to assume typically adult roles and even earn and spend a salary}, so I figured that Miss G would thoroughly enjoy a Vancouver version.  

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I was right.  We visited with friends this afternoon and we had such a good time.

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And while the overall concept is very much like that of Kidzania (a town designed for kids full of role play opportunities), it’s very much a low-key version.  At Kidtropolis, the focus is on free play – which we love, of course!  Kids move freely throughout the town visiting whichever buildings they like, staying for as long as they please, and playing how they so choose.

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Each building has all sorts of fun items to explore inside and the costumes and props serve as a fabulous jumping off point for all sorts of imaginative play.  Being a restaurant owner, veterinarian, fire fighter, pilot, police officer, or dentist?  All possible at Kidtropolis!

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We made sure to visit  each building within the city at least once and the girls truly enjoyed them all, but their favourite job?  Being mail carriers!  With a post office filled with parcels, and letters addressed to locations all throughout Kidtropolis and addresses and mailboxes on the exterior of each building, the girls had a total blast filling their bags with mail and delivering it throughout the city.  Seriously.  We visited for about 3 and a half hours and I’d guess that at least two of those hours were spent delivering packages from place to place.

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The best part is that because the staff is super on the ball, the packages left outside of each building quietly make their way back to the post office every now and then, so the delivering never has to end.

Here’s a peek at the facility {which is immaculate and full of really fun little details, fyi}…

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Kidtropolis General Hospital…

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The Kidtropolis Fire Department…

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Boston Pizza {which serves an amazing vegetarian pizza, by the way ☺}…

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Kidtropolis Broadcasting Company {complete with a tv outside}…

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A dentist’s office {perfect for getting rid of some of the anxiety often associated with dentist visits}…

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A grocery store…

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And even an airplane should you need to get somewhere quickly!

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And that’s just some of the fun!  Besides several other city buildings, there’s also an indoor play structure to enjoy too!

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Will we be back?  Absolutely!  Visiting was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and having a solid list of indoor play places is pretty much a necessity when you live in Raincouver.

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To learn more, visit the Kidtropolis website here.

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6 thoughts on “Kidtropolis

  1. We visited the Children’s Museum in Houston, Texas last year, it was great. Our 5 year old had such fun, and funnily it was with the mail delivery as well he had most. We don’t have that kind of museum concept here in Europe, it’s such a pity. I bet your daughter wants to go back there again and again!

    1. She does, Laurence!! Which part of Europe are you in? I know that there are several KidZania locations opening across Europe, and from our experience in the Middle East, it’s AMAZING.

    1. Oh, it really was, Salma! Best part is that the girls were so happily engaged that Tairalyn and I actually got some time to chat while there too! :)

  2. Loved that we got to share the time there with you, and that we were crazy lucky on the time of day we went. Soemthing tells me it won’t be like this for long though, the place is amazing!

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