Sunday by the River

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Pink eye…  Gosh, it sucks.  I’ve never had it myself {touch wood!}, but after Miss G brought it home from Kindergarten last Friday and spent our Father’s Day / Victoria weekend with it, this Friday, Brad came down with it too {ugh}.  And since we’re pretty much desperate to have Sam avoid it {and Miss G avoid round two if that’s even possible}, today I decided to pack up the munchkins and escape for most of the day.  

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After a little bit of playtime and a morning nap for our Sam Sam, the three of us headed out with no plans other than to enjoy a low-key day in the sunshine.

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After a quick stop for a new helmet, we found ourselves at one of our favourite spots not too far from our house – the River District.  While it’s not nearly as popular as many of the spots we love around the city, it’s got beautiful walking and biking paths right along the water, several little playgrounds along the way, and an overall laid-back vibe.  Perfect for a slow Sunday, in my opinion.

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After Miss G had a sufficient amount of time to cruise around on her new scooter {we bought her this Maxi Micro Scooter and it’s awesome!}, we stopped by this awesome little driftwood playground – a favourite each time we visit.

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Nearby we found this awesome little free library {I loooove how these seem to be popping up all over Vancouver!}, and even though it didn’t have any children’s books in it, Grae still loved it.  {Also, did I mention that we bought her helmet on the way?!  Luckily she didn’t mind spending the day with zap straps still attached to it, because there was no getting those bad boys off without scissors – hahaha!}

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As we continued scooting along the path, we found all kinds of beautiful treasures…  A gorgeous turquoise robin’s egg, grassy patches littered with teeny tiny daisies, beaches filled with perfectly smooth river rocks, beautiful community garden beds, and this fun little painted rock garden.

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IMG 7799

Plus a playground with several lovely little friends to play with!

IMG 7800

IMG 7801{Sam’s sweet East Van #parklife tee from wuchild}

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After making our way back around to where we started, we decided to order some lunch from Romer’s and take it out so we could eat picnic style on the grass {which was the pretty much the best idea ever}.  Lunch was delicious and a certain little someone appreciated the fact that my salad came with a big chunk of avocado in it. ☺

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IMG 7697

Afterwards, as Miss G played with new friends right in front of me, this little manush fell asleep in my arms and even let me lay him down on the grass while snoozing!

IMG 7803

Is there anything sweeter than a little bubba peacefully sleeping beneath a tree in the sunshine?  {I think not.}

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By the time we finally headed home, it was nearly dinnertime…  Definitely a Sunday well spent!


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3 thoughts on “Sunday by the River

  1. Oh my goodness, what a glorious day! And those little babes of yours are just the cutest things. I can’t help but love a sleeping baby in the outdoors either! Those little hands … I love hands and feet on those little ones. I still get excited over my 4.5 year olds!!!

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