5 Fun And Easy Water Play Activities


Water play…  It’s a summer staple and something that’s enjoyed by kiddos of all ages.  The best part is that most of the time, water play activities are incredibly easy to set-up, because let’s face it – you give most munchkins a bin of water to splash around in and they’re happy.  That being said, with a few extra supplies, you can take water play to a whole new level.  

Here’s a sneak peek at some of our very favourite fun and easy water play activities…

Water Play Ideas | Mama Papa Bubba

For all of the details, pop on over to the CBC Parents website and check out our 5 Fun And Easy Ways to Play With Water post.


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One thought on “5 Fun And Easy Water Play Activities

  1. That could be my daughter in those pics there. These are definitely all the things we do throughout the year! Thank goodness for a back yard!!! If it’s inside, a towel goes down on the floor near the kitchen. I hadn’t thought about “washing the car” or “washing the dishes” come to think of it. Thanks for those ideas!!!

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