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When my {amazing photographer} sister-in-law tagged me in an Instagram post letting me know that her good friend {and fellow photographer} was going to be in Vancouver and had time for a couple of shoots, I jumped at the opportunity.  Now truth be told, I sort of detest having photos done, but with our last portrait session being when Miss G was two and this being our first chance to have photos done with our sweet Sam, there was no way I was passing it up.

We met Amy of Modern Nest Photography {based out of Calgary} down at Kits beach – one of our family favourites – early on the morning of Brad’s birthday and sort of just hung out and walked around while Amy snapped away.  She was absolutely lovely and despite Sam being on the verge of a total meltdown the entire time {poor guy fell asleep in the car about 10 minutes before arriving and was not pleased about having his nap cut short}, I just adore the images she was able to capture…  Us, as a family of four, in Vancouver – our current home and one of my very favourite cities in the world.

Here are my favourites…

KossowanFamily 16

KossowanFamily 8

KossowanFamily 7

KossowanFamily 9 Version 2

KossowanFamily 15
KossowanFamily 20

KossowanFamily 24

KossowanFamily 27

KossowanFamily 28
KossowanFamily 29

KossowanFamily 32

KossowanFamily 31 Version 2

KossowanFamily 35

KossowanFamily 37

KossowanFamily 39

KossowanFamily 42

KossowanFamily 44

KossowanFamily 46

KossowanFamily 48

KossowanFamily 50

KossowanFamily 52

KossowanFamily 57

KossowanFamily 59

KossowanFamily 61

KossowanFamily 63

KossowanFamily 62
KossowanFamily 64KossowanFamily 67

KossowanFamily 71

KossowanFamily 72

KossowanFamily 74

KossowanFamily 77

KossowanFamily 80

KossowanFamily 82

KossowanFamily 85

KossowanFamily 87

KossowanFamily 90

KossowanFamily 94

KossowanFamily 93

KossowanFamily 98

KossowanFamily 100

KossowanFamily 101

KossowanFamily 102

KossowanFamily 104

KossowanFamily 106

KossowanFamily 108

KossowanFamily 110

KossowanFamily 113

KossowanFamily 115

KossowanFamily 116

KossowanFamily 118

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