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Printable Morning Routine Chart | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

As much as I’ve been willing it not to come, back to school is just around the corner.  Truth be told, I’m not ready.  The rushed mornings, not seeing my girl for most of the day, helping Miss G emotionally work through all of what goes on at school…  It just doesn’t sound like a ton of fun compared to the leisurely mornings, outings and adventures, and laid-back days we’ve been enjoying this summer.  That being said, this year is a new year and I’m hopeful that Grae is going to have a wonderful teacher she connects with and feels comfortable with, which would be a total game changer for us.  My ultimate hope?  That she enjoys Grade One and is excited to go to school! {*fingers crossed*}  Oh, I so hope she does.

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Since we’ve being pretty lax with our routines this summer, this week we’ve been working on getting back on track in hopes of a smooth transition.  I’m working on updating Miss G’s entire ‘Gracen Station’ {more to come on that soon hopefully}, but decided to start with one of the most important parts – our morning routine.  Admittedly, Grae has always been pretty great at being independent and getting things done, but I do find that having some sort of tool to help her stay focused and on track helps immensely.  For the last couple of years, we’ve been using a slightly modified version of And We Play’s colouring chore chart, and since it works well for us, I decided I’d simply create a more detailed, more suited to school mornings version of our own.

IMG 9231

Here it is… Our new printable morning routine chart.  It’s super simple, but it covers all of the things we expect Grae to do in the mornings before heading out the door to school and she’s excited about it, so I’m calling it a win.

Here are 3 different ways we’ve used our morning routine chart in the past…

IMG 9241

First up, as a colouring page.  Definitely not the most environmentally friendly, but if you’ve got a kiddo who loves colouring and a morning that isn’t overly rushed, this is fun.

IMG 9233

IMG 9236

The other two ways use a laminated version of the chart…  For some reason, I’ve not replaced my laminator since returning to Canada {*adding that to my to do list currently*}, but I’ve been loving these self-adhesive laminating sheets that our local dollar store now carries.  They do take a tiny bit of getting used to if you’ve not used them before, but once you’ve got them figured out, they’re so convenient!

IMG 9246

Alright, so onto the next two ways…  First up, we often pair the laminated morning routine chart with dry erase markers.  Miss G loves double sided dry erase markers and switches between crossing tasks off and quickly colouring them in.

IMG 9251

Lastly, the method we’ve been using most since moving back to Canada…  The printed chart plus fun magnets!  Since our kitchen is in the centre of our house, having the chart hung on the fridge works really well.  As she’s getting things done in the mornings, Miss G just swings by the refrigerator and pops our homemade sparkly pompom magnets onto the pictures to show what’s been accomplished.

Get your own copy of our morning routine chart here:

Morning Routine Chart | Mama.Papa.Bubba.


Here’s to a wonderful school year and an easy transition!


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6 thoughts on “Printable Morning Routine Chart

  1. Love this, if ONLY we had the time to colour in the things we’d achieved each morning!! Think I’ll go for the quick and easy magnets. You’re a star, Jen xx

  2. Any advice for what the child earns for completing? My 5 year old is so strong willed and stubborn, that it seems nothing is strong enough of a reinforcer.

    1. Hmmm… I personally feel quite strongly about not offering rewards for kids meeting expectations (my goal is always for kids to be motivated intrinsically rather than extrinsicly), but in this case, I’d say that being at school on time, having time to chat with friends beforehand, or getting to have some time on the playground beforehand would be the “motivation”. If he or she is not yet in school, having a special outing with mama, getting to go out to the park, to meet friends, on an adventure, etc. would be the motivation. Not sure if that helps, but that’s just me! <3

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