Christmas Eve {2016}

This whole sneaking away for a quiet, low key Christmas thing…  Can we do it every year?  Pretty please??  We only just arrived here on Salt Spring yesterday, but I’m already in love with Christmas 2016.  We have both of our babies at home with us this year {best feeling ever!}, we really have nothing to do, and there’s little to no holiday stress involved.  Love it.

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Not to mention that I absolutely adore our little cabin in the woods.  The property it’s on is gorgeous, the hosts have been nothing short of wonderful, and besides a lovely window seat, a wood burning oven / fireplace, a gorgeous loft, and vaulted ceilings, there’s a giant soaker tub no less.  I’m in love.  {You can find the Lost & Found Guest House site here and the listing on Airbnb here.}

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Today started out early {as all of our days do}, but with Pioneer Woman cinnamon french toast cupcakes that I’d prepped last night and popped in the fridge {um, yum}, which totally counteract the whole having to be up at the crack of dawn thing.

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It also started with a fresh coating of fluffy white snow, which was pretty much the most magical way to start Christmas Eve ever.  Miss G was thrilled and promptly threw on some shoes and headed outdoors in pajamas – hah!

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IMG 2316

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We had breakfast, these two little nuggets melted my heart with their love for one another, and then Miss G and I prepared to head out on a little adventure while Sam had his morning nap.

IMG 2336

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After playing in the snow more {yup, in pajamas still… because that’s what you wear when you only pack PJs for your vacation}, Miss G and I made our way into the little town centre nearby and stumbled upon the cutest little Christmas Eve farmer’s market where everyone was ridiculously welcoming and friendly.

IMG 2358

IMG 2360

We stocked up on all kinds of goodies and brought them home to share with our boys…. {Baby’s first kale chips!}

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And then it was back outdoors to play in the snow and explore the property.

IMG 2394

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The owners of the cabin live on the same piece of land just down the drive a little ways, but they’re out of town for the holidays, so it’s extremely quiet and peaceful out here {if you don’t take into account the shrieks, shouting, and roaring laughter that come out of a certain 6 year old I know}.

IMG 2432

IMG 2435

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The sweetest thing ever?  Besides going out of their way to make sure the cabin was equipped with a highchair and play pen for us, our hosts went into the forest, found the sweetest Charlie Brown tree ever, chopped it down, set it up in our place, and left us lights, ornaments, and a star so our kiddos could have a Christmas tree.  {People are so wonderful, aren’t they?}

IMG 2467

IMG 2470

IMG 2477

And while Sam couldn’t really help decorate the tree this year, he did love investigating the rainbow-coloured twinkle lights…

IMG 2484

As well as ripping ornaments off the tree and trying to open the fire place {there was no fire inside – don’t worry}.

IMG 2487

IMG 2495

IMG 2496

After a soak in the giant jetted tub, the munchkins opened their Christmas Eve prezzies…  Matching striped jammies and Christmas books!

IMG 2501{this post contains affiliate links}

Sam got the lovely Dream Snow by Eric Carle and Dear Santa by Rod Campbell, and Miss G got The Wish Tree by Kyo Maclear and the book she’s been after for months – Home Alone: The Classic Illustrated Storybook.

IMG 2506

Aren’t they the sweetest?!

IMG 2511

After reading all of our new books, we tucked the kids in, poured a couple of glasses of Bailey’s on ice, and Brad and I got to our usual Christmas Eve wrapping.

IMG 2516

This year, in an effort to not fill our house with more stuff and enjoy December more {aka not spend the month in insane shopping malls}, we opted to do stockings only {really good stockings}, and I know that the kids will be pleased as punch when they wake up in the morning.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve {2016}

  1. I WANT TO MOVE IN!!! What a dream cabin! So glad for your lovely family you had such a wonderful time, what a difference with last Christmas! Blessings on 2017!

  2. Oh, how sweet that looks. One day I’ll have to take my daughter to the northern hemisphere for a snow-filled Christmas too. I can’t believe how grown up they’re both looking!!! Sam has more hair now so it makes him look so much older! Both of them are cuties.

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