New Year’s Eve {2016}

I’ve been a terrible blogger this year…  Between adjusting to life as a mama of two and having a baby who cried for the first several months he was home and hasn’t slept for longer than a couple of hours at a time {at most} for the last several months, some days I feel like I’m just keeping afloat.  These days I’m lucky if I get my post into CBC Parents each week and post something here every week or two, but I’m hoping that’ll change this year.  We’ve got a new plan in place to help our sweet boy master the art of sleep and if we’re successful, I should finally have a little bit of extra time during naps and after bedtime. We’ll see, but I’m hopeful!

So with that, I’m kicking off 2017 with a peek at our New Year’s Eve…  Doing so means I can’t soon forget all the fun we had today – the insane snowfall we got here in Vancouver, how much our girl adores reading at 6 years old {and how much her baby brother looks up to her}, our first ever outdoor silly string fight, and the deliciousness that is our annual NYE fondue night {yum}.

Here’s our NYE in iPhone photos…

IMG 6416plans in place

IMG 6433nye celebration kits for both of my babies

IMG 6583this sweet boy and his beloved ball from santa

IMG 6469so. much. snow.

IMG 6584my boys

IMG 6586the absolute cutest coffee shop dates

IMG 6491#bookworms

IMG 6585my girl

IMG 6587how pretty is our city blanketed in white?

IMG 6588silly string fight

IMG 6595i’m not sure sam understands what just happened

IMG 6492when your dinner plans consist mainly of bread and cheese…

IMG 6589nye tradition

IMG 6562baby bubba’s first party bath {these are a birthday and nye tradition in this house}

IMG 6590snuck out for a little snow play with the neighbours while brad put sam to bed

IMG 6591dessert prep

IMG 6563straight for the potato chips

IMG 6592my little angel baby

IMG 6593i’m biased, but i just think everything about him is the sweetest thing ever

IMG 6568ringing in the new year just as i’ve spent most of 2016… snuggling with my boy and attempting to coax him to sleep

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5 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve {2016}

  1. I know how you feel, 2016 was a year of great hustle. It’s good to see you back blogging, here is to 2017 and all the great work you will do.

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