Easter Egg Hunt Sensory Bin

Easter Egg Hunt Sensory Bin | Mama Papa Bubba

With this upcoming Easter being the first that Sam will actually get to participate in the festivities, I figured we’d better give him a chance to practice his egg hunting skills if he’s to stand a chance against his quick and experienced big sister.  Well, that or we had 45 minutes to kill between arriving home from a day of errands and picking up Grae from school and the Easter stuff just happened to out begging to be played with. :)  Either way, Sam has absolutely been loving our collection of little plastic Easter eggs and this Easter egg hunt sensory bin was a total hit.  

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The best part?  Simple materials!  Everything we needed was right there waiting for us.  We used my very favourite under-the-bed sensory bin from Ikea {it’s huge – US | CAN}, some green Easter grass {truthfully, I sort of despise the plastic stuff we have and would much rather paper Easter grass, but I feel badly about buying the plastic stuff in the first place so now I just use it year after year}, our collection of plastic eggs {though I’m very seriously considering passing these along and purchasing a set of eco-friendly ones instead – US | CAN}, and one of our Jellycat bunnies {US | CAN}.

IMG 8740

Then I just spread the Easter grass in the bottom of the bin {which someone found quite inviting!}…

IMG 8745

And plopped the eggs in with the basket in the corner.

IMG 8744

Sam went to collecting the eggs right away…

IMG 8748

And while I wasn’t sure he’d want to let go of them to put them in the basket, he did after a couple of demonstrations from his mama. :)

IMG 8749

With each egg added to the basket came an enthusiastic round of applause for himself, which was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

IMG 8750

The only thing he wasn’t super crazy about was how the grass stuck to his little legs and feet {and I wouldn’t have been either} – holy static cling!

IMG 8753

IMG 8760

When he was done collecting eggs, we moved onto grass flinging for a short period of time…

IMG 8743

And then onto opening each of the eggs, which I’m fairly certain was his favourite part.

This was so easy and totally filled our time with fun even though it was long past what should have been his nap time, so I’m calling it a win.  Now let’s see how he does on our egg hunt this weekend…

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