5 Things NICU Parents Want You to Know

5 Things NICU Parents Want You to Know | Mama Papa Bubba

Since having Sam at 27 weeks gestation, I’ve had all kinds of people reach out and ask how they can support their friends and family members with a fresh preemie just starting their NICU journey.  

IMG 5889Sam shortly after he was born.  I wasn’t prepared for the neonatal intensive care team to literally catch him and put him straight into a clear plastic bag, but my doctor quickly explained that’s something they do to help premature babies maintain their temperature.  He stayed in that plastic bag even once settled in his little isolette.

Having one premature baby certainly doesn’t make me an expert on everyone’s preemie / NICU situation {they’re truly all so different}, so I can only speak to our experience, but gosh it was hard.  Like really, really hard.  And the truth is that Sam was so much better off than many of our teeny little NICU neighbours, so I can only imagine how hard it was for their families.

IMG 6121
I did share 10 ways to support preemie parents while their babies are in the NICU, but I think the other part of it is just trying to understand what they’re going through.  Thankfully, most parents won’t have to experience the NICU firsthand, but that leaves what happens behind those closed doors a mystery to most, and when you know nothing about something scary someone close to you is going through, it’s hard to know what to say.

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Pop on over to CBC Parents to read about what parents with babies in the NICU want you to know where I’ve shared a little bit about what life as NICU parents was like for us.

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One thought on “5 Things NICU Parents Want You to Know

  1. Thank you for this post! It’s true that when we’re unfamiliar with a situation, we tend to withdraw. Not because we stop caring, but because we don’t know what to say or do. That applies to many situations, so to have an insightful, vulnerable post from someone who shares a first hand experience is so, so precious. Thank you! I still enjoy seeing updates on Instagram and to see how Sam is doing today is simply amazing. Blessings to your lovely family!

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