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Where I Live Stacking Cups | Mama Papa Bubba

Lately Miss G has been asking about ‘home’.  Like where it is and which home is actually our home and if this is going to be our home for a long time. I don’t blame the poor kid for being a little unsure…  While she was born in Vernon {where we live now}, we brought her back to Kuwait when she was just 19 days old, we lived in the Middle East for a while before moving home to Vancouver, then we moved BACK to Kuwait, then BACK to Vancouver, and then to Vernon just recently.  Of course during our time in the Middle East we also took her on trips to France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and made a bunch of stops in other countries along the way, so I can see why ‘home’ doesn’t feel like one static place for her like it does for other kiddos.

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When I was teaching First Grade in Kuwait {where we followed a US curriculum}, one of my favourite books to use while teaching my kiddos about community, geography, and mapping was Joan Sweeney’s Me On the Map.  If you’ve not seen it before, I highly recommend it.  It’s about a little girl in the United States learning about her ‘place on the map’ and takes you from a map of her bedroom to a map of her house to a map of her street, and so on.

IMG 1211

Me On the Map is what inspired these {Canadian} ‘where I live’ cups.

IMG 1221

Miss G and I had a great time putting them together and I think the cups’ stacking ability allows for a great visual representation of a really big concept.

IMG 1187

I made a simple little printable to go along with the project which gives the activity more structure and allowed Miss G to do most of it independently. {You can find the printable here on the CBC Kids website}.  Of course if you’re doing this at home with your little one or at school with your students, you can pick and choose which of the little boxes works for your purpose and simply leave out the others.

IMG 1225

We happened to have these clear cups that were washed and stowed away to be given a new life after a party of some sort, but I think this project would be SO neat done on an actual set of nesting cups too!

Find the free printable plus detailed instructions in our Exploring Geography With ‘Where I Live’ Stacking Cups’ post over on CBC Parents.

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  1. Awesome idea! I’ve seen this concept done with styrofoam cups, but your printable for personalization is a fantastic addition. Thank you for sharing!

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