Car and Truck Colour Sorting

Car and Truck Colour Sorting | Mama Papa Bubba

Oh my goodness…  This boy and his cars and trucks.  He’s nothing short of obsessed.  The other thing he’s been really into for months?  Colours.  Smack the two together and you’ve got a car and truck colour sorting activity that’s incredibly easy to pull off, but super engaging for little car and truck lovers like Sam.

Car and Truck Colour Sorting {this post contains affiliate links}

Here’s what you’ll need:

Car and Truck Colour Sorting

Set up couldn’t be easier…  Basically choose a surface {we went with our coffee table, but a floor would be great too} and loosely tape sheets of construction paper in various colours down to it.  These will serve as your colour categories or ‘parking spots’ or ‘garages’ if your little one is as obsessed as mine is.

Car and Truck Colour Sorting

Now this activity was actually inspired by something I saw Sam doing in the playroom a few days earlier {he was colour matching his cars and our SPRI balance pods {CAN} while carefully placing the cars atop the pods} so I knew I probably wouldn’t have to give him much guidance…  I simply set out a little basket filled with his cars and asked if he wanted to park them in their spots and with that, he got started.  My favourite thing was watching him with this little aqua car…  He went back and forth between green and blue several times before deciding just to hang onto it – hah!

IMG 2455

After that it was smooth sailing though…  He’d often tell me the name of the car and then its colour as he was placing it in its spot.

Car and Truck Colour Sorting{aqua car makes a reappearance}

Car and Truck Colour Sorting

At the beginning, he’d announce the colour of the truck or car and then simply place it down on the coordinating piece of construction paper…

Car and Truck Colour Sorting

But before long he was ‘vrrooooooming’ his cars across the coffee table and slamming on the brakes when they’d reached the parking spot.

Car and Truck Colour Sorting

Doesn’t this look like a total blast?

Car and Truck Colour Sorting

I’m guessing Sam thinks so because we’ve already played it again TWICE!

Colour Sorting with Cars and Trucks | Mama Papa Bubba

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