I Love You Teacup Gift

I Love You Teacup Gift | Mama Papa Bubba

While Brad isn’t the type to whip up something crafty with the kids for Mother’s Day, writing for CBC Parents means that Miss G and I often get to create fun gift ideas to share on their site and of course – I directly benefit. ;)

In the past we’ve made an ‘I love you’ pillowcase (the sweetest, simplest thing) and a family portrait mug for Father’s Day, and this little ‘I love you’ teacup gift sort of combines the two.

IMG 3395

It’s soooo easy that I’m hoping even those who consider themselves not at all crafty will give it a shot with their kiddos.  The best part?  {And this isn’t really usual advice from me, but} if you shop at a big box grocery store, pretty much everything you need should be there!

IMG 3432 2

For all of the details, pop on over to CBC Parents and check out our Make An ‘I Love You, Mama’ Teacup For Mother’s Day tutorial.  

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