Mini Racer Wall Ramps

Mini Racer Wall Ramps | Mama Papa Bubba

This boy and his cars.  He just loves them.  Throw in a ramp and he’s pleased as punch, so imagine how thrilled he was about these mini racer wall ramps we put up on our landing today! {SOO thrilled.}

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It’s incredibly easy, but here’s what we used to create our mini racer wall ramps:

IMG 3762

Now because most all of our paper rolls were the ones we used for our car ramp sensory bin, we didn’t have to cut ours in half lengthwise, but if you do have to do that part, it does take a little bit of effort… Sharp, longer scissors are key in  my opinion.  With your paper tubes cut, it’s as easy as running a long piece of tape down one edge and sticking it to the wall at an angle.

IMG 3761

There’s really no right or wrong way to do this…  You can have the ramps work together or separately – up to you.  I decided to start at the top and got Sam to stand near the wall to judge how high we could go with the first ramp.  I thought it would be fun to make the ramps work together if possible, so with each addition, I got him to send one of his mini racers down and then positioned the next ramp so it would catch the car once it launched off the first.

IMG 3764

Once we had all of the previously cut ramps up, I asked Sam what he’d like to do with our one new paper roll –  cut it and make two new ramps or keep it as is and make one tunnel and he was absolutely certain that one tunnel was the way to go, so we hung it as is.

IMG 3767

And then we were off!

IMG 3768

He’d simply place a mini racer, wheels down, at the top of the tunnel or one of the ramps and then watch it go.

IMG 3766

The transition from one ramp to the next didn’t always work out perfectly, but he didn’t mind one bit.  If a car got stuck sideways or wheels up, he’d go help it and then step back to continue watching it race down.

IMG 3779

Part way through we added a basket to catch the cars that were flying off of the last ramp and crashing into our window, which added a fun element.

IMG 3777

I don’t know how long this will stay up on our wall for, but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Mini Racer Wall Ramps | Mama.Papa.Bubba. Blog

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  1. Nice game for a kid. My little son also used the walls for playing, or rather for drawing, and it was fun. The walls then had to be painted by employees of this company.

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