Layered Caramel Apple Dip

Layered Caramel Apple Dip | Mama Papa Bubba

No joke – I think I’ve had ‘layered apple caramel dip’ in my idea book for a full 3 years now…  It’s on a random page of fall ideas and says ‘layered caramel apple dip – like 7 layer bean dip but sweet – for apples’ – hah!  I’ve wanted to make it for ages now, but we just finally got around to it and I’m so happy we did.  Because daaaaang – is it ever delicious!

IMG 5158

We made a plated version to enjoy immediately as well as several little pots to keep in the fridge and let me tell you – they didn’t last long!  Brad and I enjoyed some as a treat while watching a show, Miss G got to take one in her lunch one day, and the others?  I’m not sure, but they disappeared.

Layered Apple Dip

The best part?  I was really hoping to include a caramel outside of my usual date ‘caramel’, and I was able to make a delicious version using coconut milk, pure maple syrup, and coconut sugar.  Definitely a still a treat in my books, but no dairy, no butter, and no white sugar.  We also used a non-dairy cream cheese for a fully vegan recipe.

Layered Apple Dip

For the full recipe and all of the details, pop over to CBC Parents and check out our Layered Caramel Apple Dip post.

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