Easy DIY No-Sew Parrot Costume

Easy DIY No Sew Parrot Costume | Mama Papa Bubba

You know what I’m really good at?  I’m really good at doing different kinds of creative projects and activities with the kids, photographing them, and then never ever getting around to sharing them here.  Like REALLY good.  I’ve got hundreds of projects photographed and waiting to be written up from years previous… There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  {Sidenote: Can you believe that for the first 5 years of Miss G’s life, I published a blog post every nearly every single day?!  SOOO crazy.  Though most of those years were during a time when blogging meant sharing photos and words…  There was no need to worry about SEO, pinnable images, amazon links, or getting people to your site via social media, so I guess it makes sense that I’m lucky to get a couple of post up a week nowadays.}  Anyways, my goal is to make time to share some of those projects from years past and the first is this easy DIY no-sew parrot costume.  

Easy No-Sew Parrot Costume{this post contains affiliate links}

I mean, how cute is this little parrot of mine??  This was actually Sam’s very first Halloween costume and because it’s actually a parrot cape, he was able to wear it while being worn in the Ergo, which I absolutely loved.  I just popped him in the carrier and then put the hood on his head, flattened the cape out over the Ergo like you would a blanket, and loosely tied the ribbon around his little neck.  It was perfect.

Easy No-Sew Parrot Costume

How did our littlest bubba become a parrot for Halloween?  Well, it all started with this pirate princess costume for Miss G…  Her first ever purchased costume.  She fell in love with it while shopping at Costco and I’ve always said that I’ll make her costumes for as long as she’s happy to have me make them, so…  As much as it sort of killed me to buy one after years of getting to make something from scratch, a store-bought costume it was.

Easy No-Sew Parrot Costume

And of course every little pirate princess needs a parrot, right? {One that was happy to let his mama make his costume, thankfully.}

Easy No-Sew Parrot Costume

Everything required for this little getup?  An old red cape we had in our dress up station {though you can find these inexpensively on Amazon and even dollar stores sometimes}, cheap craft store felt, and a glue gun.  Seriously, that’s it.

Easy No-Sew Parrot Costume

Don’t they make the sweetest little pair?


For a detailed parrot costume tutorial, pop over to CBC Parents and check out our Easy No-Sew DIY Parrot Costume post.

 Easy DIY Parrot Costume | Mama Papa Bubba

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