Growing Gracen ~179 days old

Today we took Gracen to see her wonderful pediatrician, Dr. Roland, for her 6 month…

Little Monkey ~179 days old

Our little monkey enjoying her Saturday morning while lounging on the couch in her monkey…

Egaila Park ~178 days old

We heard that there was a new park nearby, so we decided to check it…

Friday Photo Shoot ~177 days old

Little Lady ~176 days old

I’m not quite sure what’s happening, but our baby girl seems to be rapidly transforming…

25 Weeks Old ~175 days old

Our little Gracen Belle is officially 25 weeks old today. Her new “tricks” include tucking…

First Ever Valentine’s Day ~174 days old

A pretty little package to start the day.

Mmmm… Cookies! ~173 days old

Our little sous chef helping Mama frost sugar cookies for her first ever Valentine’s Day…

Sad to See Grandma Go! ~172 days old

Grandma Sue’s quick 5 day visit to Kuwait has come to an end and Gracen…

No Hands! ~171 days old

‘Oh dear… How did I manage this one?’

Out & About with Grandma ~170 days old

Gracen and Grandma Sue out for dinner in front of the fountains at Paul, one…

The Kossowaras ~169 days old

Our happy little family.

3 Generations ~169 days old

Gracen Audrey Marie enjoying the sunshine and the ocean with her Grandma Sue and her…

Papa & Grae ~169 days old

Gracen is always happy to see her Papa when he returns home from work.

Peek-A-Boo ~168 days old

‘Peek-a-boo! I see you!’

Yahoo… It’s Grandma Sue! ~167 days old

Although playing strange has been Grae’s most recent thing, she happily went to Grandma and…

Sittin’ Pretty ~166 days old

Our striped little lady sittin’ pretty and posing for a picture. :)

Chompers ~166 days old

I feel sorry for Sophie now that those pearly white chompers have arrived!

Gracen Loves Water ~165 days old

‘And drink! Hmmm… What’s going on here?’

Blue-Eyed Baby ~165 days old

Sitting pretty with her sparkly blue eyes. :)