Gracen, the Screechy Screamer ~151 days old

Our Gracen Girl has a habit of learning a new skill and practicing it for…

Baby in Blue ~151 days old


A Lazy Saturday Morning ~151 days old

Just hanging out in her jammies.

150 Days! ~150 days old

Chewing on her feet, even with fuzzy little socks on.

Unhappy! ~149 days old

So far, teething hasn’t been too hard on Grae… She’s needed some extra love and…

Our Little Love ~149 days old

Our happy little love hanging out at home after a morning seawall walk.

Baby Toes ~148 days old

Although hands have lost their appeal, Grae’s little baby toes remain quite fascinating. She regularly…

Baby Girl ~148 days old

Our teething, 21 week old little girl. :)

And Then There Were TWO! ~147 days old

On Saturday we noticed that Grae’s first tooth had made its appearance, and on Sunday,…

Bundled Up ~146 days old

Grae all bundled up and checking out her cool puppy mittens (handed down to her…

A Monday Morning ~146 days old

Gracen just hanging out in her nursery and taking it all in.

Teething ~145 days old


First Tooth! ~144 days old

Tadaaaaa… Here it is! Gracen’s first tooth has officially popped up through her gums.

Daddy Daughter Time ~144 days old

Saturday morning in our house. Papa and Grae sprawled out on the floor reading an…

Pretty Little Thing ~143 days old

Gracen relaxing after a morning at the mall.

Toy Monstrosity ~142 days old

Gracen’s first toy monstrosity experience. Not so sure yet… Fun, or overstimulating? Hmmm…

Vancouver Baby ~142 days old

Our little Kuwait-dwelling girl preparing for our move back to Canada by snuggling with her…

Chew Monster ~141 days old

Gracen is currently a little chew monster. She begs, pants, and reaches for things to…

Pacifier Love ~141 days old

All day today, we noticed that Gracen had an incredible urge to chew and suck…

Little Bunny Foo Foo ~141 days old

Life just doesn’t get much better than this… Chubby, naked, and wrapped in a hoodie…