Out Like a Light! ~23 days old

Comfy cozy.

Sleeping Beauty ~22 days old

Sleeping peacefully.

3 Weeks Old Today ~21 days old

Gracen rockin’ her usual attire – stripes, polka dots, and a funny hat. :)

Passport Day ~20 days old

So today we received Gracen’s Birth Certificate, and set out on a mission to do…

Sunday Morning Football ~19 days old

Gracen’s first regular season football game. Go Pats!

Cuddling with Cousins ~18 days old

The Kossowara Cousin Trio.

Gracen’s Beautiful Baba ~18 days old

Baba and Grae enjoying the chaos of Korbin and Chayton’s birthday party.

Pretty in Pink ~17 days old

Missing an arm?

Perfectly Peaceful ~16 days old

Gracen and Mommy enjoying some down time…

Uncle Gary’s Birthday ~15 days old

Today we drove to Cochrane to surprise Uncle Gary for his birthday. Gracen was a…

2 Weeks Old Today ~14 days old

“Hahaha… Mommy, you’re so funny!”

Out for Brunch ~13 days old

We said goodbye to Nona and Gido today after having brunch on the lakefront…

Everybody Loves Gracen ~12 days old

Happily hanging out at the lake house.

Gido & Nona Visit ~11 days old

Gracen’s first time meeting her Gido.

Nap Time with Papa ~10 days old

A good story, followed by a nap. :)

Scrunchie Forehead ~9 days old

A favourite photo.

Strawberry Baby ~9 days old


Grae & Sloan ~8 days old

A visit with her ‘big girl friend’, Sloanie Bologna!

1 Week Old… Party Time! ~7 days old

A celebration to welcome Baby Grae into the Ogasawara family!

Awake & Alert ~6 days old

Look at those pretty eyes. :)