Tired Baby = Fussy Baby ~36 days old

In need of a nap…

5 Weeks Old Today ~35 days old

Our bald little beauty. A calm and content little girl.

What Chou Lookin’ At? ~34 days old

iPhone Portrait.

A Golden Glow ~33 days old

Our lavish metallic mustard yellow curtains give these photos a special touch. :)

Baby Grae ~32 days old

Out cold.

A Different Scene ~31 days old

First time out for a walk in Kuwait after a summer in beautiful Canada… ‘All…

Papa Position ~30 days old

Gracen & Daddy hanging out in their usual position – “ Papa Position”.

At Home in Kuwait ~29 days old

Just arrived in Kuwait. Gracen trying out the brand new vibrating, bouncing, music-playing, elephant-dancing chair.

4 Weeks Old… En Route ~28 days old

Just landed in Frankfurt, Germany. Awaiting the arrival of our stroller…

Bon Voyage! ~27 days old

Gracen and her very happy Daddy.

Packing Our Bags… ~26 days old

So tomorrow morning we head to the Kelowna airport to start our long journey back…

Sleepy Girl… ~25 days old

iPhone portrait.

Out and About ~24 days old

Out for a walk with Hayley, Sloan, Cheri, & Jaiden.

Out Like a Light! ~23 days old

Comfy cozy.

Sleeping Beauty ~22 days old

Sleeping peacefully.

3 Weeks Old Today ~21 days old

Gracen rockin’ her usual attire – stripes, polka dots, and a funny hat. :)

Passport Day ~20 days old

So today we received Gracen’s Birth Certificate, and set out on a mission to do…

Sunday Morning Football ~19 days old

Gracen’s first regular season football game. Go Pats!

Cuddling with Cousins ~18 days old

The Kossowara Cousin Trio.

Gracen’s Beautiful Baba ~18 days old

Baba and Grae enjoying the chaos of Korbin and Chayton’s birthday party.