Family Photo 2011

IMG 2893I’ve been meaning to figure out a way to get a family photo for our Christmas cards for a long while now, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  Since they need to be put in the mail asap, we decided to just get it over with and use my camera’s self-timer today.  We were dressed and heading out the door to a Christmas event anyways, so we pinned up a backdrop, propped my camera up on a stack of books, and decided to give it a go.  About 2 seconds before this shot was taken, Gracen was a squirmy ‘not having it’ mess, so I knew that this could easily be a painful/unsuccessful process.  Much to our surprise, as soon as the camera started flashing, she placed herself perfectly in her Papa’s lap, looked straight at the camera, and donned this irresistible little smile.  I had set the camera to take 10 consecutive photos, and shockingly, the whole lot turned out to be fairly decent.  Yay!  As my ridiculously adorable little nephew would say, “Easy peesey lemon squeezey”.  :)

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