Lunch with Santa

IMG 2899Sunset, the community centre closest to our house, always hosts fun events to celebrate the holidays. We had registered  for their very popular ‘Lunch with Santa’ event long ago, and today was finally the day that it took place.

IMG 2901There was plenty to see and do, and right away Gracen set out to visit each of the inflatable characters.

IMG 2909Since we arrived before the event actually started, it was calm enough for G to actually bounce inside the castle for once.

IMG 2954Soon after, things got WILD inside the bouncy castle (as they always do), so we resorted to our usual bouncing on the outside edge technique.  Not to worry, Grae doesn’t mind one bit as long as she’s jumping around like a monkey.

IMG 2922After a sufficient amount of bouncing, it was off to the arts and crafts area to decorate a paper gingerbread boy.  Grae loves crafts, and I think she would have cleared out the entire stock of pom poms and goggly eyes had I let her.

IMG 2925There was much too much excitement around to actually sit down and eat properly, but we gave it our best shot anyways.  Santa arrived ringing his bell part way through the meal and we all went over to visit with him for a quick minute.

IMG 2930Although Santa wasn’t a hit with Grae, the band certainly was.  She was completely and totally enamoured with these high school kids who played several carols for all to enjoy.

IMG 2944This was as still as she sat the entire time…  What can I say?  This little doodle loves music.  :)

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