Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {10}

Toddler FoodIMG 2062Breakfast // Pepper-enclosed organic egg.  Fresh mango.  Toasted chia flax bread with olive oil.

IMG 1675

Breakfast // Banana nut breakfast couscous (organic wholewheat couscous, milk, walnuts, bananas, vanilla, and cinnamon).

IMG 1753Breakfast // Wholewheat oat waffles with greek yogurt and fresh strawberries.

IMG 2004Breakfast // All-natural shredded wheat cereal with unsweetened coconut and raw sunflower seeds (Miss G’s choice of toppings).

IMG 1736Snack // All-nautral wild rice sticks.

IMG 2105Snack // Homemade energy bite.

IMG 1882Snacks & Lunch // Freeze-dried berries, dried mango, and dried banana.  Mango cashew trail mix. Cucumber and red paper strips with homemade tzatziki. Quinoa bites.  Baby banana.

IMG 2007{Stroller Fitness} Snacks & Lunch //  Mary’s Organic Seed Crackers.  All-natural banana chips.  Cranberry pistachio trail mix.  Steamed edamame beans.  Mango chunks.  Almond butter, organic oats, and organic raisins on chia flax bread.

IMG 1658Lunch // Curried chickpea salad on grilled chia flax bread.  Avocado chunks.

IMG 1762Lunch // Chickpea salad wholewheat wrap.  Banana slices and apple chunks.  Watermelon cubes.

IMG 2072Lunch // Creamy tuna and herb wholewheat fusili.

IMG 1604Dinner // Homemade chicken, brown rice, and veggie soup.  Cape seed roll grilled with mozzarella and herbs.

IMG 1871Dinner // Wholewheat spaghetti with turkey tomato basil sauce.  Roasted spaghetti squash with parmesan. Steamed beets.

IMG 1673

Dinner // Roasted veggie pesto pizza (sundried tomato pesto sauce, zucchini, orange pepper, red onion, and mushrooms with mozzarella and feta).  Banana almond oat smoothie.

IMG 1752Dinner // Parmesan veggie quinoa bites.  Homemade tzatziki sauce.  Arugula and avocado salad.

IMG 2002Dinner // Veggie and shrimp stir-fry on buckwheat soba noodles.

IMG 2060Dinner // Southwest turkey chili with avocado chunks.

IMG 2061Dessert // Organic Greek yogurt with chopped almonds and organic dried cranberries.

IMG 1716{Fancy} drink // Citrus mint watermelon cooler.

IMG 1868Drink // Triple berry smoothie.

6 thoughts on “Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {10}

  1. Oh gosh, all of your food makes me hungry. And then I feel bad about cooking less-good than you. But then I think of all the effort it may take (let me have it) and I feel better. I love trying your simple recipes though! I’m a simple momma!

    1. Hahaha! I’m sure your cooking is delicious! Honestly, I do put some effort into the weekly meal planning and grocery shopping, but the meals themselves are pretty simple and don’t take a lot of time to prepare… Breakfast is no more than 5 – 10 minutes, lunch maybe 15 to 20, and dinner 30 minutes (maybe 40 if my hubby’s home to play with the little one and I’m feeling fancy).

      Now if Gracen’s doing the cooking with me, it’s a whole different story… In that case, I always count on it taking double the time and double the mess! :)

      1. The mess is right! I’ve been taking inspiration from all of the lovely things you do with Gracen (for example, we baked together and yesterday we played in the rain. For the first time. Ever) and I’d like to offer more of those foods, but I’m also concerned that maybe it will cost me more money and then the kids (or adults) won’t like it. I’m working on it though!
        PS. Thank you for inspiring me to be a little bit of a better mom. :D

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