Oh, Sad Day!

If you really knew me, you’d know how obsessed I am with my photos.

Years ago, while I was on Christmas vacation in the Okanagan, my good friend Steph was watching over my place and feeding my pet turtle.  I returned late one night to my place perfectly in order, but my computer tower missing.  After talking to Steph, I learned that she had arrived to crowbar marks on the door one day and she figured that someone had tried to break in.  After quickly surveying the situation, she took the one thing she thought I’d die without – my hard drive filled with thousands of digital photos.  (This is why we’re such good friends. ☺)

So with this story in mind, imagine my disappointment when we returned from our wonderful family Mother’s Day celebration at the beach to a camera card that was no longer readable…  Sad day.  And on the one day I actually had Bradley take some photos of the wee one and I together too. Booo.

4 thoughts on “Oh, Sad Day!

  1. I only liked this because I agree with it wholeheartedly. I’d be so sad to lose any of my pictures, at one point my computer crashed and I almost lost all of my photos. Luckily my handy Phil went into it through…DOS…or script…or something, and managed to transfer all of my photos off of it before she ceased to power on – eternally. I now keep a back-up of all my photos on a USB stick, which, once full, will be kept in the safe.
    I haven’t had a camera card become unreadable yet, but I can imagine it would make me cry. I’m sorry this happened to you, that sucks. A lot.

    1. Oh, thank goodness he was able to retrieve them. I can’t imagine losing everything!

      I am so grateful that I download my photos everyday (I had actually downloaded a batch that morning) and only lost an afternoon worth of photos.

  2. Before you toss out the camera card check to see if a computer repair place or a photo place can recover the photos… they might have a trick we don’t know about.

    1. Good thought, Carrie. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. Sadly, I already formatted the card, erasing all of the images for sure, but that would have been worth a shot. I had gotten a brand new camera card and turns out, I didn’t know I had to format it to my camera before using it (I blame this on having a techy husband that spoils me by doing these things for me!) Oh well, lesson learned.

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