Ordinary Days

Sometimes ordinary days are the best kind.  Don’t get me wrong, Little G and I love to get out,  go on adventures, and visit fun places, but sometimes normal, everyday kind of days equally wonderful.  Today was one of those.

IMG 2925Some H2O and an energy bite post-swimming lesson.  (I’m happy to report, by the way, that our submersion day went well.  It was presented in a way I was comfortable trying and Miss Grae did not come up choking, crying, or looking at me like I had betrayed her. In fact, she seemed just fine. Yay for that.)

IMG 2927A playground stop was in order afterwards. Shhhhh…  Don’t tell Mama Gracen’s hiding.

IMG 2929Strolling in the sunshine.

IMG 2931In the words of Grae, “dig-a-dig-a-dig-ah”.

IMG 2939Backyard antics.

IMG 2943A quiet moment in the shade of our plum tree.

IMG 2977Tricycle tricks.

IMG 2995Sandbox play with the little girl from downstairs.

IMG 3000Itty bitty bookworm.

IMG 3004An afternoon treat – frothy raspberry milk.

IMG 3010Just like Mama. (Grae loves this ring I had custom made in Kuwait.  It says ‘Brad and Jen’ in Arabic, so I love that she loves it.)

IMG 3019A homemade popsicle for dessert.

IMG 3026Double-fisting.  (Of course Mama’s desert looked just as yummy as her own.)

IMG 3036Oops.  That’s not the popsicle hand.

IMG 3048Freshly bathed and ready for bedtime stories.

I’m so lucky to spend my days soaking in these magical little moments.

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