Beach Sensory Bin

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During our afternoon in the backyard, I brought out another one of the sensory bins I recently put together for Gracen to explore.  This one was beach-themed and included all of the beach treasures Gracen’s worked so hard to collect, as well as a few fancy shells from Grandma Charlotte and a mini shovel and rake.

IMG 2953

After exploring both her ocean and gardening-themed bins,  she knows exactly what these bins are all about now.  She oohed and ahhed for a minute, and then got busy.

IMG 2956

The first thing she did was scoop up sand and fill her bowl.

IMG 2962

Then she flipped the giant shell and filled it up too.

IMG 2982

When she was done with that, she decided it was time to take all of the shells out.

IMG 2988

And once she had sufficiently patted the sand down, she placed each item back into the bin just so.

IMG 2983

She was sure to place the driftwood pieces upright and called them her “trees”.

IMG 2989

When she was all done, this is what her reorganized masterpiece looked like.

While she certainly enjoyed this beach sensory bin, it wasn’t as big of a hit as the others.  Maybe it’s because we have a full-sized sandbox in the backyard, or maybe because we spend so much time down at the beach, but either way, it’ll be a great addition to the growing sensory box collection we have in our solarium and perfect for those times when Mama needs a few minutes and can’t be in the backyard with her girl.

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