Adorably Awkward Sentences

Watching Gracen (and kids in general) pick up language is nothing short of fascinating.  In the past couple of months, she’s begun learning and using new words at an explosive rate.  I try to keep track of them by quickly punching them into my iPhone Notes app once they become part of her regular everyday chatter, but I’m nearly at the point giving up that endeavour.  With well over 200 words in play and my mommy brain factored in, it’s just becoming too difficult for my scattered brain to keep track of what’s old and what’s new.

What I’m finding more fascinating than new words, however, is the little phrases she’s recently begun putting together.  She’s been using pairs of words for a while now (“more please”, “tea pot”, “Mama Papa Bubba” – her name for our family, hence the blog name), but she’s just really started to string multiple words together to convey meaning and describe the world around her.  She doesn’t have all of the pronouns needed to properly link her words and she sometimes pauses for more than a usual amount of time between words, so the result is adorably awkward little sentences.

Here are two from tonight…

Upon noticing a man in a blue turban walking down the street:

“Mama – blue hat on hair!” (while pointing of course)


After I told her that we were skipping bath time tonight and getting ready for bed right away instead:


And on a completely different note, guess what I spied while brushing Miss G’s teeth tonight…  Yup, two big bottom molars forcing their way up through her gums.  Hello again, teething.


2 thoughts on “Adorably Awkward Sentences

  1. At that age, my son got the words right, but mixed up the order, as in “Going to the store we are.” He sounded just like Yoda. :)

  2. Kira’s at a major pausing stage. If she gets excited though she’ll just mash a bunch of words together. “You put cereal ma bowl, on ma bowl please cereal in ma bowl.”

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