Morning Painting

Yesterday Grae and I took a little walk and picked up a few craft supplies and sensory bin items along the way. Besides a few squishy ocean animals she picked, one of Grae’s favourite items was a little wooden birdhouse she chose out herself.  It was just begging for some colour, so today we started our day off right – with some painting.  I gave the birdhouse a quick base coat and then Little G got busy.  She was very serious about it all and pleaded for more when she had used up all of her paint.

IMG 4318IMG 4320IMG 4323IMG 4325IMG 4333IMG 4368

Perhaps she’ll be an artist like her Baba one day?

3 thoughts on “Morning Painting

  1. Ally’s upcoming birthday party is going to be bird themed (which is why I was so curious about that bird print dress) and I’ve been considering getting bird houses from the dollar store for each of her guests to paint. I don’t know how well the ‘paint’ portion will go with a bunch of 3-4 year olds, I didn’t want to anger any of the parents!

    1. Of course I think it would be a blast, but then again, I don’t mind a mess! If you wanted to keep it on the cleaner side, you could get a cheap can of spray paint, give them all a bright base coat, and then have the kiddos decorate them with gluesticks, pompoms, foam shapes, stickers, etc. Even bingo dabbers would be less messy than paint (and really fun too!)

      Ooh! Have you already planned the food? Because bird’s nests would be perfect! (Like these: or these: Oh, AND Gracen and I have an activity planned for tomorrow that would be perfect for the party too! :)

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