Dyed Pasta Jewellery

This morning our dyed rigatoni noodles were perfectly dry and ready to be put to use.  And thank goodness.  Gracen’s been asking about our “pretty papta” since the moment I put it out in the solarium to dry.  
IMG 4754We chose to use pipe cleaners this time around as this was Grae’s first real time stringing ‘beads’.  Of course, any sort of string will do (wrapping one end with tape makes it easier), but I find that the rigidity of pipe cleaners makes it a lot easier, especially for munchkins who are just learning.IMG 4795

To start off, I strung on one noodle and folded the pipe cleaner up around it to secure it (much easier than making a giant messy knot).
Mama s helpFor the first couple of noodles, I held the pipe cleaner for Grae while she did the stringing and sliding.All by herself

And then she was on her own. Easy peasy! She was a pro.
IMG 4769IMG 4775IMG 4780We ended up making all kinds of pretties – bracelets, crowns, and necklaces, and Gracen very happily modelled them all.IMG 4791

Of course, if you’re not into stringing them, rigatoni noodles make gorgeous rings too.

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