Maplewood Farm Visit

I had planned to sub today, but late last night, we decided that I’d skip what would have been my final work day this school year, and we’d head over the bridge to North Van as a family instead.  And I’m so glad we did.  With me working the weekdays that Brad has off, our one day a week as a family often becomes a ‘to do day’ instead of a day to get out, do something fun, and enjoy one another’s company.

A trip to Maplewood Farm as a family was just what we needed.  The sun shone all day, we all had a blast, and Gracen got to show her Papa all of her animal friends she met on our last visit.  We brought along with us a picnic lunch, a bag of bird seed, and by recommendation of North Shore Mama, some fresh mint for the rabbits (best tip ever seeing as the rabbits are so well fed that they turn away carrots and lettuce left and right, but gobbled up our mint leaves!)

Ooh!  And did I mention that our visit cost a whopping $5?!  When I got an email from Groupon advertising 2 adult admissions and 2 child admissions all for $10, I jumped on the deal.  Little did I know, Groupon was having a deal of their own – $5 off any Groupon.  Whew! Doesn’t get much better than that, now does it? Especially since admission for the 3 of us would normally cost about $20. (Have I mentioned that becoming part of the Ogasawara family has made me a sucker for a good deal?!)

Here’s our visit in photos…
IMG 4818The ‘moos’.

IMG 4821Pot-bellied piggies.

IMG 4823‘Hello, turkey!’

IMG 4828Gracen’s favourite – the horses.

IMG 4833Duck feeding.

IMG 4838‘Come, ducks. Come!’

IMG 4846Papa and his little lady.

IMG 4857GoatsIMG 4864Goats2IMG 4937Family favourite – goat visiting! 

IMG 4886Goat watching.

IMG 4908Hands washed and ready for lunch.

IMG 4914Picnic lunch!

IMG 4918Duck feeding never gets old.

IMG 4923Fresh mint for the bunnies.

IMG 4929Cow milking.

IMG 4938Kisses. 

IMG 4949Farmer Grae.

IMG 4957Last stop – the playground.

IMG 4888Do you think she enjoyed our day?

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