Maplewood Farm Visit

Today Little G and I had the most wonderful visit to Maplewood Farm, a little piece of rural paradise tucked at the base of Mount Seymour in North Vancouver.  The sun was shining, the temperature was just right, and although it was a busy day due to Spring Break, we never felt crowded or rushed. Gracen had the freedom to roam and explore, but always stayed near.  We slowly made our from paddock to paddock, visiting the animals and taking in the nature along the way.  It was perfect.  Here’s a very small sampling of photos from the hundreds I managed to take during our 2 hour visit…

IMG 8574First stop – visiting this colourful feathery friend.

IMG 8580Visiting the turkeys.

IMG 8585An adorable miniature donkey.

IMG 8588Hanging out with the hens.

IMG 8593Roaming with the roosters.

IMG 8597Taking in the garden and its visitors.

IMG 8602One of Gracen’s favourites.

IMG 8601She wanted to come back to visit this beautiful peacock again and again.

IMG 8606A new friend.

IMG 8608These Belgian draft horses, Tom and Prince, were another favourite.  Gracen watched them very closely as they lowered their heads and exhaled deeply while letting their lips flap together and then mimicked this behaviour during the remainder of our visit.

IMG 8624Enamoured with the horses.  I think she would have stayed here all morning if I hadn’t convinced her to move on.

IMG 8614Taking a break and watching the ducks on the pond.

IMG 8617Exploring.

IMG 8620Collecting bits of nature, as usual.

IMG 8633Offering the ducks a twig.  For some reason, they weren’t all that enthused.  Weird.

IMG 8646Getting a sneak peak of the farm’s jersey cow.

IMG 8652Watching the sheep.

IMG 8662In the forest paddock.  So amazing that this is part of the city.

IMG 8665Grae thought this goat was pretty funny and giggled at him again and again while calling him “Papa”…  Not sure what that’s about other than we have a non-fiction book about goats that explains that male goats have beards and when we read it, I call them ‘papa goats’.  Maybe she was making the connection?

IMG 8674The highlight of the trip was being able to go into the goat visiting area and actually touch the goats.

IMG 8675Miss G was brave!

IMG 8684I showed her how to hold her hand out flat for the goats to smell first, and that’s exactly what she did.

IMG 8687This teeny tiny baby goat was experiencing his first day outside with the public and was a hit with all of the visitors.

IMG 8690Waving goodbye.

IMG 8703These little guys were just roaming around as we made our way over to the hand washing station.

IMG 8705Checking out Sofie and Judy III, the giant hereford cows.  Of course Gracen moo-ed at them as she tried to wedge her little wrist through the wire fence to pet their fur.

IMG 8715Visiting the rabbits.  Gracen stood up and signed ‘Rabbit sleeping’ after seeing this chubby bunny.

IMG 8718Stopping to see Gus the goose.

IMG 8726Inside the cement duck pond visiting area.

IMG 8728Getting a close up view of Lima, the jersey cow.

IMG 8735Lunch break!

IMG 8738We loved the goat visiting area so much that we had to go back to visit once more before leaving the farm.

IMG 8743Lucky for us, it was much less busy the second time around and Grae got to put it some quality time with her goat friends.

IMG 8749Saying goodbye for real this time.

IMG 8750After this visit, we may just have a little future farmer on our hands.

IMG 8757Last stop, the Maplewood Farm playground.

IMG 8759A perfect way to end a lovely morning outdoors!

Our trip ended with a very content little lady falling asleep in her car seat as we drove back into Vancouver.  When we arrived at home, I transferred her into her crib, where she lays now, still sleeping, over two hours later.  I’d say the fresh air, sunshine, and farm life tired her right out…  Yay for that.

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