Grae & Bella: Eventual Buds

A week ago, Gracen was enamoured with the idea of Bella (Grandma Charlotte’s dog), but whenever the dog came within a 4 foot radius, she’d shake in panic and desperately try to climb up the legs of the nearest adult in search of protection (in Grae’s defense, Bella is still just a puppy and has been easily excitable and quick to jump up until recently).  Now, just 7 days later, after many long walks and several baggies of dog treats, it’s a completely different story.  They’ve become best buds.  Grae isn’t the least bit fearful and Bella has been calm, patient, and gentle despite the lingering hugs, overzealous pats, and ongoing tail tugs. Just look at these two…

IMG 7720IMG 7710

IMG 7729

IMG 7717

IMG 7725

2 thoughts on “Grae & Bella: Eventual Buds

  1. That is like Kinslee and horses now. She was so fearful of them and now she screams when you take her off of them. She still does not really like it if the horses head comes close to her face. Adorable pics Jen xox

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