Poppop Celebrates 60

Tonight we celebrated Gracen’s Poppop’s 60th birthday with a low-key backyard barbecue. The weather was gorgeous, the company was good, the food was delicious, and most importantly… the pool was warm!  Oh, and how can I forget – the cake was only slightly gravel-y… If you follow me on instagram (jkossowan), you know what I’m talking about. ☺

IMG 7662Gracen and Grandpa Dave, a.k.a. Poppop.

IMG 7665Pool time!

IMG 7667Twirl time.

IMG 7673Wild water baby.

IMG 7684‘Hey, look what I can do!’

IMG 7686Stomp, stomp.

IMG 7691Catch with Poppop.

IMG 7695Dinner time!

IMG 7699Happy birthday, Poppop!

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