Gracen’s obsession with our “mail store” continues…  She knows when we’re about to drive by it and will always point it out, ask if we can go in, or announce that she has her “eyes peeled (for) mail trucks”.  This afternoon when we drove by, she asked if we could visit the “mail lady”. I explained that it was closed because it was Sunday and that we would visit once it opened on Tuesday.  This is what she had to say afterwards…

Gracen: Mail store closed Sundays.

Mama: Mmmhmm.

Gracen: Mail store open school days?

Ummmm…  What the what?!  I’m fairly certain we’ve never talked about weekends vs. school days or about the days of the week at all for that matter.  How in the world does our just-turned-two-year old know about ‘school days’?!

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