Simple Play: Pillow Pass

This is the SIMPLEST little game ever, but Miss G loves it.  And we’re talking loves it so much that she squeals and shrieks the entire time we play and shouts “More pillow pass, Mama!” whenever she thinks the game is going to end.

IMG 2440IMG 2442IMG 2444IMG 2446Basically, all we do is toss a pillow back and forth.  Seriously, that’s it. A pillow is easier to catch than a ball, it’s as soft as can be (even when you get whacked in the head repeatedly), and apparently throwing a pillow around is  hilarious.  

2 thoughts on “Simple Play: Pillow Pass

  1. its amazing with what simple things you can excite kids. It’s like cats and cardboard boxes or shopping bags. You can have the most fancy cat beds or toys, they still will love cardboard boxes and bags more than anything else.

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