Gracen’s been really into names lately, and she’s constantly asking, “Her name is?” or “His name is?”  about people and characters she doesn’t know.  Here’s a little conversation that took place tonight during dinner…

Gracen: Mama’s name is Jennifer?
Mama:  Yes, it is. What is Papa’s name?
Gracen: Babe. (pause) Papa’s name is Babe.
Love her.

3 thoughts on “Babe.

  1. When our son was a baby and my husband would roughhouse with him, I’d always nervously say, “Babe! Babe! Be careful with him! Babe, come on!” And so all the way up until our son was almost three, whenever his dad would toss him up in the air or do anything to make him nervous, our son would call him babe :-P The only time he would ever do it was when they were roughhousing – it cracked us up every time.

  2. Love this! When our daughter was around 2, she started doing the same thing! She called my husband “babe” for a few months before she went back to “daddy.” It was the cutest thing.

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