A First: Family Movie Afternoon

One of my favourite memories is the many family movie nights that filled the weekends of my childhood.  They often involved treats (um, hello blue fish, shoestring licorice, and pink popcorn!), floor beds, and cheesy feel good movies, which landed them firmly in the extra special category as far as family activities were concerned.  

Since having Grae, the idea of starting a little family movie tradition of our own has always been something I’ve looked forward to.  While Grae doesn’t have a whole lot of experience watching television and is still a little young for movies, our dreary Vancouver weather brought about a spontaneous first family movie afternoon today.  (Okay, it was more like a first movie 30 minutes…but who’s counting, right?)

Family Movie AfternoonWith a couch-turned-bed, heaps of pillows and blankets, a ridiculous amount of stove popped popcorn, we settled in to the original Toy Story (which was the Pixar movie I found with the lowest age rating on www.commonsensemedia.com).  It was Grae’s first ever movie, my first ever Pixar film, and our very first attempt at a movie afternoon as a family of 3.  It lasted for as long as it took Grae to fill her belly with popcorn, but I’d say it was a perfect beginning to a tradition in the making.


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