Ocean BathDon’t ask me how I come up with these things… Tonight as I was running a bath for Miss G, I randomly decided to surprise her with a special themed bath.  I basically gathered up a few things from our ocean and pond sensory bins, added a couple of drops of blue food colouring, and that was it.

IMG 3039Gracen was super excited when I dramatically flung open the shower curtain to reveal her surprise bath and immediately jumped in.

IMG 3041I was a little bit worried about her sitting on the hard items by accident, but she automatically cleared them out of the way as soon as she climbed in without me having to say a thing.  

IMG 3042Two things to keep in mind when converting your bath tub into a mini ocean… Make sure the ocean items are washed in warm soapy water first (duh!) and try to pick rocks and shells that are smooth so that no little tushies are poked during the fun.

IMG 3040The huge part of the fun of course is swimming around in the tub with sharks and whales and crocodiles… We got these little sea creatures at the dollar store quite a while ago, but you can find them at toy stores and teacher stores too. 

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