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Summer has finally arrived in the Lower Mainland and it’s getting h.o.t. (no complaining here – we love it).   Being that we like to be outside for the majority of the day (and our little old house heats up like an oven), there needs to be some sort of relief so that Miss G doesn’t overheat.  So, when we’re not at a pool, beach, or water park, we’re most likely in the backyard playing with water, ice, or a combination of both.  Today, we gathered a few things and put together an ocean sensory bin to splash around in.

IMG 6618

Some rocks, a handful of seashells, a few pieces of driftwood, a fistful of greens plucked from the garden, a few floating sea creatures, and a couple drops of food colouring, and you’ve got yourself a mini ocean in your backyard.

IMG 6621

IMG 6623

IMG 6625

These ocean creatures are so neat. We found them for $1.25 each and they have the coolest squishy / stretchy / rubbery texture to them. They feel eerily realistic.

IMG 6629

Gracen dove in, and thought it was pretty hilarious that I’d set the crocodile up on a piece of driftwood. She experimented with taking him off and balancing him back on again, and once she’d pretty much mastered it, she moved on to balancing the dolphin and whale atop driftwood islands of their own.

IMG 6632

Of course, there was plenty of swimming involved too.

IMG 6633

She was just getting started on emptying the ocean out onto the towel when we heard a clattering coming around the side of the house… Grandma Charlotte and her friend, Judy, had arrived for an afternoon visit!  And with all kinds of special gifts for Miss G, no less.  Needless to say, our ocean fun came to a halt. Presents to open and and Manmaws to visit take priority, obviously. As they should. ☺

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