Hillcrest’s Outdoor Pool

IMG 6644In an effort to keep cool while enjoying the sunshine, we tried a new outdoor pool today…  The outdoor pool at Hillcrest Centre. It was a beautiful afternoon and we certainly enjoyed ourselves, but I must say, it was no competition for the lovely Maple Grove Pool.  While we love Hillcrest’s indoor pool, the outdoor one was just okay.  The downsides? The wading area is quite small and the non-slip pool bottom is really pokey.  While probably great for safety, it’s hard on your hands, knees, and bottom, not to mention your suit!  The other thing I wasn’t super keen on was the {very powerful} spray apparatus. While a ton of fun for older kids, being sprayed in the face while not expecting it was not a lot of fun for Miss G or I, and because of it’s water pressure, there are not many areas where you’re out of its range.  The perks? It’s really close to us and the admission also allows you to use the indoor pool which is nice if you need a break from the sun.  While it wasn’t our favourite, we’ll probably try visiting again on a morning when there may be fewer older kids and less chance of being the spray apparatus’ target.

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