A Special Day at the Aquarium

Today Gracen and I were very lucky to be part of a group of blogging mamas {and kiddos} invited down to the Vancouver Aquarium for a special morning.  

IMG 3340IMG 3343IMG 3344It’s no secret that we adore our local aquarium, and this visit was even more fun as we got to mingle with friends while following our very own tour guide.  After making our way to some of the very cool Luminescence exhibits and some of the regular favourites (the giant sea turtles, penguins, and sea otters), we prepared for one of the really special events – a 4D theatre experience.

IMG 3347The feature film was a 19 minute version of The Polar Express, and though I was super excited to try out the whole 4D experience myself, I was definitely nervous about how my sensitive little lady would react. Just to be safe, I selected an aisle seat right next to the emergency exit, made sure Grae was on my lap, and explained {as best I could} what the experience would be like.  

All in all, it turned out okay. She was definitely nervous in some parts and was not at all a fan of being sprayed with water, but at the same time, she didn’t want to leave the theatre either.  While I’d probably wait a little while before taking her to another 4D film, I must say, it was pretty amazing. 

IMG 3353After The Polar Express, we all gathered around the Pacific Canada Pavillion to await the arrival of the jolly old fellow in the red suit.

IMG 3366IMG 3379It seems he had carelessly dropped his jingle bells in the tank and therefore needed to hop in and search for them…

IMG 3380Luckily, with a very excited audience cheering him on, he found his bells and all was right in the world again.  ☺

As always, we had a lovely time at the aquarium and can’t wait to go back again soon.  
If you’re looking for a wonderfully unique gift for someone in the Lower Mainland, I highly recommend an aquarium membership.  They pay for themselves in just two visits and allow for an unlimited number of admissions for an entire year.  For more information on gifting a Vancouver Aquarium membership, click here.

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