Winter Nature Shelf

Winter Nature ShelfToday Gracen’s autumn nature shelf got a much needed makeover…

IMG 3387Gone are the crunchy leaves, dried out sunflowers, mini pumpkins, new apples, and shedding cattails…

IMG 3398And in are the bare branches, pinecones, evergreen limbs, and dried red berries.

IMG 3388
IMG 3389
IMG 3391
IMG 3400If we’re striving for accuracy, the title ‘Christmas shelf’ would probably be more appropriate at this point, but we’re sticking with ‘nature shelf’ because soon enough all of the little Christmas extras (many of which were mine when I was little) Miss G carefully selected and added will be tucked away until next year and we’ll be back to having shelves filled with plain ol’ nature things.
IMG 3393And because we don’t have quite as many wintery things as we did autumn-y things, we decided to use the bottom shelves for seasonal books, which Gracen loves having on display.
Here’s a look at our mini transformation…

Autumn to Winter

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One thought on “Winter Nature Shelf

  1. That’s so pretty. I have a feeling this will become a tradition in our house, but with spring and summer too

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